Job search and recruiting – how to find the time

Job search and recruitment tips for managing time

I’m 42 years old, I am a husband, a father to 4 boys, run my own recruitment business, run a local Cub and Scout group and I have just completed the London Marathon, raising £2700 for charity.

The phrase ‘you must be mad’ and ‘how do you find the time?’ are statements I hear several times a week. But more and more recently I’ve been asking myself if I am mad and how I do find the time. OK, I may be slightly eccentric as I get older, but certainly not mad and the time question is a funny one to answer because all of the things I do outside of work I do because I choose to do them and more importantly…I bloody enjoy doing them and I make time for them.

I love the subject of time, we have 168 hours a week to get stuff done and for most, 37/40 hours a week are taken up with work, that leaves 128’ish hours left to do with what we need or want. Which leads me onto a lovely word called choice. I’m not going to harp on at you about what you do with your time, as that’s up to you, but choice for me is a very powerful thing for all aspects of our life.

As a job seeker or hiring business, you have to decide how much time to invest in recruiting or job hunting while balancing all the other tasks on your daily list. But looking for the perfect job or employee takes time and commitment.

So how do I find the time?

The simple answer – you make it work, because it’s important.

Before I got into the world of recruitment I worked in a local village pub for the best part of 8 years. We had some weird and wonderful regulars that came in for a couple of cheeky pints before they went home each day. One of the regulars was the CEO of a national home renovation business, who would offload his daily woes to me before he got home to see his wife and kids. This was a choice he made daily, to not take work home. He gave me priceless knowledge on many things and it only dawned on me a few weeks back about the choices he made to make his family time better.

I’m no guru on this, but I always consider my choices before I make any step or decision – and we all have time, it’s how we use it is what makes difference.

One choice you could make…

…is to use a professional recruitment company. As experts in FMCG & B2B sales and marketing recruitment, we do this every day. We can manage the recruitment process from start to finish, giving you time back to get on with your other jobs. We’re also damn good at matching the right person to the right business, putting talent to work.

Oh and the punter that came in every night is worth around £84m, so he must know a thing or two about success, time and choice. He also taught me the ‘2 Golden Rules in Business’, but I’ll save that for another blog.

Making the right choices can save you time, which might mean you can go and run a marathon too.

Job search and recruitment tips for managing time

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