Your recruitment support team – why it matters

recruitment support team

If any of you lovely people out there read our recent blog, you’ll know that Paul, our lovely B2B Director, ran and completed the London Marathon last week.

I didn’t run the marathon myself (I’m much more of a cheering on kind of person), but having heard all about the ‘run up’ (see what I did there?!?) to it, I do know that anyone who does has a team of dedicated supporters and people that have their backs.

Who were his team?

A fabulous wife who has to get on-board, work colleagues who join in with fund raising and hear about the pain of the training. The friends who listen and support and give their money and the numerous medical professionals who put our runners’ bodies back together in time for the race – to mention a few.

Who is your team?

The same goes for the team around you when making a momentous decision like changing your job. You need your family and friends, but if you find a great recruiter to get on your team, they are worth their weight in gold.

What is a great recruiter?

As a candidate, a great recruiter will tell you about the hiring manager’s football/rugby/netball team, about their family, about their holidays, about the real reason why they have a gap in the team. About any possible issues and not just give you a glowing report about a company with sugar coated overview.

As a recruiting business, a great recruiter will know about a candidate’s likes, dislikes, family, holidays, temperament and style. All the important stuff that makes them a real person.

In both cases, it’s about being comfortable enough to share knowledge and information that will help a recruiter do a great job for you. But in every case, it’s different things for different people.

Use the best team you can!

recruitment support team

So whatever your next big decision may be, don’t do it alone. Use all of the best people you have around you – trust me, they will really help.

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