Superstar Interview Tips

Looking for a new job can be daunting, and the interview process can cause a lot of stress. Follow our top interview tips to ease the pressure and up your chances of success.

Use your recruiter to give you maximum information

You should be able to get loads of detail from your recruiter about the business, the reason for the role, manager, style, culture, etc. You’ll have an edge by using a good recruiter rather than applying directly.

Get involved and interested in your preparation

Use LinkedIn and all of the various social media channels available to find out about the people you may be working with, as well as the company.  They may be really socially active, in which case ‘follow’ and ‘like’ as much as you can. It’s great at an interview for your potential future employer to know you are interested in them and aware of what they are up to.

Physical evidence of preparation is really powerful. – Write down lots of interesting questions to take into the interview with you

Who is doing this job at the moment? What makes them good at what they do? Why is there a vacancy? What is the most important thing in a potential employee when hiring? If you have two people who are great for this job, what would make you hire one over the other? Don’t ask about salary, holidays, working hours, lunch breaks – need I go on?

Make sure you know what to wear

If you walk into an interview wearing a suit and they are the kind of business that wears jeans, you’re done for and vice versa. Be clever and make sure you look like you work there before you work there. The power of suggestion is a great thing.


…is absolutely everything.  Too early is almost (but not quite) as bad as being late.  10 minutes before the interview is perfect.  It gives you a chance to sit in reception and have a look at what is happening in the business in real time and get a feel for the place. However, you should arrive in the area of the interview at least half an hour before you are due, and have some downtime before you go in.

Enjoy yourself

If you’re a bit nervous, that’s nearly always a good thing, as it shows you care about the interview. But, you must be able to enjoy the meeting and talk (modestly) about how good you really are. Everyone likes chatting about themselves, so enjoy your moment, keep it relevant and succinct and you won’t go far wrong.

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