Welcome to CAL!

Welcome to CAL

So this is a first for us – the inaugural blog from CAL Recruitment introducing you to our new and shiny website and to Paul and I.

I know this is the place to be far less formal than all of the stuff we talk about on the website, so don’t worry, this isn’t going to be all about how fantastic we are (because I’m sure if you are reading this then you’ll have also been onto other recruitment websites, who will tell you how fantastic they are!), but hopefully more about what’s going on in the B2B and FMCG sales and marketing worlds at the moment.

I tend to do the FMCG stuff and you’ll no doubt get a post from Paul too about B2B. As I said, nothing too pompous!

So, how difficult is it to find a great NAM with Online and Pure Play experience? I remember looking to hire a similar position for a client abut 18 months ago, but it appears that this is now an even more interesting search. These mythical creatures are more rare than hens teeth and less easy to find than a rainbow unicorn!

Just thought I’d have a little look on Grocerjobs to see how many opportunities there are being advertised for e-commerce bodies – over 35 – not too shabby!

So off to work I go, I’m off to entice a Unicorn from the forest to see if they want to play in the meadow!

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